AIKARTHYA – bend & dine

“The Ayurveda texts say that a disease can take root in the body only during the junctions between the seasons, when all nature is in flux. Because of the upheaval dominating these junctions, the body’s natural immunity becomes virtually defenseless against impending disease.” -Maya Tiwari

With asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing) and visualisations, opening the flow of our cleansing energies, promoting calmness, physical & mental strength with clarity. 

Followed food to nourish and extend the awareness, balancing the physical and subtle bodies through sensory connection.

Our gathering of wholesome activities is inspired by the Ayurvedic doshas and the transition through the seasons.

Bend & Dine is accessible to beginners, with variations offered for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Curated and created by Nina Hoogstraate, one half of Roots Super Awesome Food, & Rosie of Rosie Blake Yoga.

Over a year ago, the two met at Rosie’s morning class at TripSpace, and found their passion of yoga and food interwove perfectly; meaning Aikarthya was born. With Nina now exploring the world, the chefs’ hat has been lovingly handed to nutritionist  & fellow yogini Janine A’bear,

Our aim, to come together and share the time and space to slow down, re-connect with ourselves and others.

Aikarthya ‘unity of ideas’

Let’s bend so we don’t break, and create super awesome memories