Sri Lanka - Yoga & Meditation retreat 2020 - exploring the KOSHAS

February can be a somewhat dreary month in the Northern hemisphere, so what better way to make the transition a little easier by escaping to the sunshine and warmth, lubricate those joints and explore a new part of the world!

Retreats are a great way to relax and rejuvenate, take some time for yourself and deepen your yoga practice in a nourishing environment. All classes are suitable for everyone of any age and level. The focus of the week will be the Koshas; the subtle energetic elements of the body. We'll move through each layer throughout the week with two daily practices, in the morning and the late afternoon; all while being nourished with freshly prepared meals and luxury accommodation in the jungle.

If that sounds enticing, do keep reading for more details - and if you're curious, want to join or simply have a question, do get in touch!

Delving in to the world of the Koshas

When: 8-15 February 2019

Where: Midigama, Sri Lanka

The RetreatAlso known and referred to as the ‘teardrop of India’, we want to expand and explore horizons with tranquillity and ease, moving close to the birthplace of yoga by inviting you to a week of relaxation, self enquiry and most importantly, a bit of joyful play!

Over the course of the week, we’ll be interweaving the theme of the 5 koshas - energy sheaths or layers - of our beings. It is said in yoga that we all embody 5 energetic layers that constitute our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. The 5 sheaths are Annamaya Kosha (physical body), Pranamaya Kosha (energy body), Manomaya Kosha (mind body), Vijnanamaya Kosha (intuitive body), and Anandamaya Kosha (bliss body). Each of these are connected and act/react with one another. From the physical and mental impressions we receive daily, the lasting impressions that create predispositions, all the way through to the more subtle intangible, intuitive energies. We’ll be looking in to these as a way of improving your relationship with your sense of self, your body and how that may reflect & affect your life in general.

An idea of a typical retreat day 

7:30-9:00 Sunrise Yoga  A tailored yoga class for those early mornings; to help flow your way into the day, making you feel energised and grounded.
9:30 - 11:00 - Brunch

11:00 - 16:00 - Free time to go on an adventure, relax by the pool, visit a local village, go for a surf; ‘you’ time. 

16:00 - Afternoon tea & snack
17:30 - 19:00 - Sunset yoga
Moving with the elements, dusk & dawn are seen as the best time for dhyana & looking inward. Time to stretch out those physical bodies and relax the mental bodies. Yoga Nidra, restorative, slow flow.
19:30 - Dinner

What’s included?

6 days / 7 nights accommodation

2 yoga/meditation classes daily

2 meals & a snack daily 

Unlimited tea & coffee throughout the day

Cost: £680 shared accommodation

10% discount if your 50% deposit is paid be end of Sept. (£612 for the full week)

£880 single occupancy

Travel Info

The nearest airport is Colombo - a 2.5 hour drive away; the easiest way to travel to the estate is by pre-booked taxi

Visa requirements - For UK passport holders it is required to get a visa (30 days) for Sri Lanka -

Recommended vaccines - Hepatitis A, Polio, Tetanus, Typhoid
PLEASE NOTE - due to the nature of the luxury accommodation we will need a minimum of 4 people to confirm by September in order for the retreat to go ahead; full refunds will be issued if it does not. Payment plans are also available! 
An initial 50% deposit will be required to secure your place. 

For further information, questions, concerns please get in touch

booking link & payment details


Come Home To Yourself

1 double room available either single or double occupancy email for detials

Yoga & Wellness retreat // 27 - 30 September - Newquay, Cornwall

As we move through our lives day in day out, we build relationships with others and often let the most important one - the one with ourselves - fall to the wayside. We’re always trying to please, impress, keep peace. On this long weekend, the focus will be on you. Together, we’ll be creating a nourishing space for rest, recuperation, reflection and relaxation as we move from the warmer months of summer in to beautiful autumn. The ending of one thing is the beginning of something new, and we feel that should be celebrated and cherished.

Rosie will be offering 6 yoga classes throughout the weekend, ranging from hatha flows to recharging yin, as well as nourishing/relaxing yoga nidra and meditation.

We will have a handful of local holistic practitioners available for 1-1 appointments, as well as the opportunity for surf lessons, nature walks and trips into town.

Nina will be cooking 2 whole food, plant-based meals daily, in addition to constant treats and tea/coffee.

The cost for the entire weekend (4 days, 3 nights) is £400 sharing & includes accommodation, all 6 yoga classes and 6 wholesome meals. 1 private double room is available, an additional fee applies, please email direct for more details.  

 “It was when I stopped searching for home within others

And lifted the foundations of home within myself

I found there were no roots more intimate

Than those between a mind and body

That have decided to be whole.”

Rupi Kaur