Essaouira, Morocco

26th May - 2nd June 2018 - 6 days / 7 nights - £620

10% discount - book before 1st April

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Yoga is wonderfully unique and personal. SPACE aims to invite the balance physically, through asanas (postures) & pranayama (breathing). This naturally creates mental relaxation and tranquility with the intention of meditation.  Join us for a week of self exploration and discovery, using Sequenced Hatha yoga classes interwoven with Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Asanas (yoga postures) to deepen our Consciousness (both individual and mutual awareness) through meditations, all gracefully practiced and refined with Ease.  By developing the intention to create SPACE in our yoga practice, we learn to let go of expectations and delve into deeper levels of flexibility in all aspects of our lives. When we become familiar with opening and trusting our intuition, we welcome the unknown. SPACE allows anything to happen. Developing a yoga practice encourages a sense of discovering, building SPACE in our lives. It gives us the foundation & freedom to change, grow, expand and evolved to become the best version of ourselves. With ten classes (dusk & dawn) throughout the week, this will bring a wide range of classes such as Hatha flow, restorative and Yoga Nidra. This will be fuelled by three daily wholesome, homemade vegetarian meals lovingly prepared onsite. This leaves plenty of time to explore the surroundings of beautifully enchanting Essaouira; walk around the old town, visit the souk, book a traditional hammam & massage, have a go at surfing, go swimming or simply relax on the terrace in the riad.

About Essaouira  ‘Essaouira’ translated from Arabic means ‘pretty picture’, and it sure is. Situated on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, this sleepy village town has an amazingly relaxed feel and plenty to offer. Situated in the beautiful blue and white Medina, the souk (market) is open daily, offering everything from local artwork, rugs, spices, herbs and furniture. The local beach has a fairly consistent swell, great for surfing but also available for swimming and mile long beach strolls.



Constantina, Andalucia

28th September - 1st October 2018 -  4 days / 3 nights - £360

Through our physical yoga practice, we aim to invite balance and consciousness through asanas (postures) & pranayama (breathing). In transitional seasons such as spring and autumn, our bodies are more susceptible to falling into extremities, often leaning more towards damaging than good. We feel that along with celebrating this, it is essential to set the intention to create strong roots, on and off the mat.

Join us for a weekend of self exploration and discovery as we move from summer to autumn, where we will aim to direct & channel the fire we have been exuding inwards, preparing to nourish our bodies and prepare for another beautiful change of season. We will dedicate time to plant seeds of a strong, loving foundation towards ourselves and others through creating deep roots in our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.    With six classes (dusk & dawn) throughout the weekend, this will bring a wide range of classes including Hatha flow, restorative, meditation and Yoga Nidra. This will be fuelled by three daily wholesome, homemade vegetarian meals lovingly prepared onsite daily.

This leaves plenty of time to explore the surroundings of the stunning Andalusian countryside; walk around the sunflower fields, stroll into the local village of Constantina, go swimming in the pool, or simply relax on the spacious terrace by the finca.

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